Brief history

Student's National Solidarity was founded the evening of the second plurality 1999 and the process of resturacting and statig the offices across several higher education institutions in the coutry.Unlike the other states the state levels office of Tlemcen was founded in 2005,headed by the colleague "Mourad Shafi" who worked to establish the combative bases and definition of the organization and its goals to hand the torch to Mr. "Hassoun Sidi Mohamed" who continued the process of construction, and in his custody organization witnessed the top of its bid.Then Mr"Abdelkader El Arbi" took over the presidency of the orgnization for one year to hand the torch to the student "Belhnini Mohamed". And in 2009 "Oumiloud Mimoun" headed in a custody that did not exceed 6 months, then the state levels office of Tlemcen joind a transitional phase lasted a season and a half .Both of Mr" mihoub abdelkader" and Mr "Benameur Imad " alternated on the presidency of the state levels office. However in 2011 Mr "Bentiba Ibrahim" has received the reins of the presidency to resume the process of construction initiated by the ancients to this day.